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Being sick away from home

By: | Oct 13, 2013

I don’t have any new photo’s this week, it’s been a crazy week. Basically back to back classes for the first part of the week then sick the second part. Being sick isn’t ever fun, but add that you don’t have your support structure because you’re away from home it’s whole different kind of un-fun… Read more »

Making friends!

By: | Sep 29, 2013

So it’s been another week and I’ve been to orientation and a couple of classes where I’ve started making some friends. We’ve met our French buddies (basically French students that help us figure stuff out) and the other international students who are actually ERASMUS students. There are 4 people from Spain, 3 from the Czech… Read more »

I’m here!

By: | Sep 20, 2013

After a crazy…um 4 days-ish (this time change has got my head in a twist) I’m in my dorm in Orléans. The travel here went from manageable to difficult and it’s really my own fault for a couple of reasons. One, I packed too much, eh what can I say I wanted a variety of clothes… Read more »