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By: | Jan 26, 2014

So the third week of classes are about to start and I have to say, I am really enjoying all of my classes. I have Astronomy, Yoga, Game Testing, Game Scripting, Production Studio, Student Innovation Project, and The Design Process. Astronomy is pretty straightforward, but I’ve never had an astronomy class before. The closest I’ve… Read more »

End of the Semester

By: | Dec 17, 2013

The last week is finally upon us at UAT’s 2013 fall semester. It is finals week so everything I crammed into my skull throughout the semester needs to resurface to finish the various finals. It is stressful but rewarding when wrapping up the classes with final submissions and tests. By the end of it I… Read more »

SIP (Student Innovation Project) Fair and Finals

By: | Apr 25, 2013

It’s been a busy few weeks here at UAT. Yesterday was SIP Fair. For those who aren’t familiar, SIP stands for “Student Innovation Project”, and it’s something all of our students complete before graduating UAT. In order to qualify as a SIP, students must prove that their idea is innovative in some fashion. At UAT,… Read more »