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True Detective… What happened?

By: | Jun 1, 2016

  Just last week the first news was announced about a possible True Detective: Season 3… and it wasn’t great. According to most sources, HBO denied a possibility of a third season due to the mixed audience and critic response to the sprawling second season. However, creator Nic Pizzolatto later went on to confirm that… Read more »

Why These Games are Better Than Yours – The Walking Dead Game Season 1

By: | Apr 15, 2015

Hey all, So this is a series dedicated to game reviews. I’ll be basing all of my reviews on these categories: graphics, gameplay, story, overall experience, and a wild card question. Today we’ll be talking about Season 1 of the Walking Dead Game. Graphics: 7/10 Telltale games took Borderlands’ cel shading art style to the… Read more »