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    Make Happy: http://blog.uat.edu/blogs/make-happy/

    Posted on Jun 22, 2016 2:24:26 PM by Jordan Wippell in Blogs, in bo burnham, in comedian, in comedy, in degree, in Digital Video, in entertainment, in fame, in film, in funny, in generation, in jokes, in make happy, in netflix special, in School, in stand up, in UAT, in University of Advancing Technology, in video, in what, in words words words

    Bo Burnham 'Make Happy'

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    152 Days of Summer: From AUS to AZ

    Posted on Jun 15, 2016 1:32:39 PM by Jordan Wippell in Arizona, in aus, in Australia, in AZ, in Blogs, in Digital Video, in film making, in fun, in grand canyon, in heat, in living, in locations, in pain, in payson, in Phoenix, in School, in scouting, in Sedona, in tempe, in temperatures, in UAT, in University of Advancing Technology, in visual arts, in weather

    I’ve never been a huge fan of the heat, which is ironic because I have lived in two places that are known for their high temperatures. I always preferred being able to put lays on as opposed to wanting to peel my own skin off and lay on a bed of ice.

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    Waiting for Greatness

    Posted on Aug 31, 2015 11:44:08 AM by admin in Blogs, in Development, in Game Design, in School

    Lets be blunt: if you are going to sit around and wait for greatness to find you then you are wasting time.  I've met quite a few people who seem content to just wait for someone else to find them and recognize their "obvious greatness."  It's as though you're sitting in the pitch black deep within a cave somewhere and just expecting someone to happen upon you.  It's a ridiculous expectation, and one that will in all likelihood get you absolutely no where.  Something that my teachers will admit to often is that you frankly learn about 10% of what you need to know actually in school.  This isn't to discount what you learn in school, because frankly that 10% is important.  School can't possibly teach you to handle every possible situation you will ever encounter, but giving you a torch to help illuminate the way in the first place is a huge help.

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