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Greetings! Let’s Hack!

By: | Feb 27, 2014

はじめまして、わたしは Nicholas Diley-です。よろしくおねがいします。 (Greetings for the first time, my name is Nicholas Diley. I hope from this point forward that all (things) will be well!) I guess I am due for a proper introduction! My name is Nicholas Diley and I am one of the newest members to the UAT Student Ambassador Team! Despite the… Read more »

HvZ Soon…soon

By: | Oct 13, 2013

HvZ (Humans versus Zombies) is a really awesome event that we have on campus. It will be at the end of this month. It’s a 3 day event involving humans, zombies, bandanas, Nerf guns, socks, and missions. On the first night, an original zombie is chosen (the OZ). That person has 12 hours to secretly… Read more »