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    The Night Of: The Best TV Show of the Year?

    Posted on Aug 11, 2016 2:45:31 PM by Jordan Wippell in Bill Camp, in Blogs, in box, in college, in crime, in degree, in detective, in Digital Video, in drama, in hard boiled, in hbo, in James Gandolfini, in John Turturro, in justice, in prision, in Riz Ahmed, in the night of, in true detecitve, in UAT, in University of Advancing Technology

    Only five episodes have been released for HBO's new crime drama The Night Of and already it has gained audience and critical acclaim. Based on the BBC series Criminal Justice, The Night Of chronicles the investigation and possible prosecution of a young man named Naz who wakes up after a night of drugs and passion to find his new acquaintance dead. The show follows Naz down the rabbit hole of the American criminal justice system and those associated with the case.

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    True Detective… What happened?

    Posted on Jun 1, 2016 10:43:08 AM by Jordan Wippell in 2018, in Blogs, in boardwalk empire, in breaking bad, in Cary Fukunaga, in Colin Farrell, in crime, in deadwood, in Digital Video, in fiction, in film, in hbo, in movies, in new, in Nic Pizzolatto, in Rachel McAdams, in season one, in season three, in season two, in series, in Taylor Kitsch, in television, in true detective, in tv, in UAT, in University of Advancing Technology, in yellow king

    Just last week the first news was announced about a possible True Detective: Season 3… and it wasn’t great. According to most sources, HBO denied a possibility of a third season due to the mixed audience and critic response to the sprawling second season. However, creator Nic Pizzolatto later went on to confirm that True Detective: Season 3 will happen and that its actually renewed until 2018.

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