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    Steam Sales Spell Suffering

    Posted on Jul 18, 2014 11:39:01 AM by admin in Blogs, in game design degree, in gaming, in Geeky Stuff, in Motion Capture, in steam, in steam sales, in Student Life, in Team Fortress 2, in TF2, in video games, in Computer Animation Degree, in User Generated Content

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    Games Need Great Stories Too

    Posted on May 30, 2014 3:57:13 PM by admin in gaming, in Geeky Stuff

    A really great game should have a great story to go along with it, or at least in my opinion anyway.  With this practically being the age of FPS dominance sometimes I feel sadly along in that sentiment.  I know that I'm not actually alone in this matter but with so much praise heaped upon games that constantly ignore story completely it can simply feel like this.  Then it's made even worse by the fact it often feels like people don't read books anymore which is where some of the greatest stories of any age are born.

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    Praise the Sun! And Carnival News!

    Posted on Apr 26, 2014 9:03:22 AM by admin in gaming, in Geeky Stuff, in Student Life, in school events, in UAT Carnival

    So for those of you who aren't on campus students just yet, there are amazing things to behold here on site at UAT! Yesterday was the end of the semester carnival that we have each semester as the Finals Week goes around, and needless to say it was a blast!

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    Online Ridiculousness

    Posted on Apr 18, 2014 3:19:31 PM by admin in gaming, in Geeky Stuff

    Alright, so we already know that the next Elder Scrolls will be an online MMO.  Not super happy about it, but I get it I suppose.  It's one of those games that everyone always says "Oh this would be really cool online."  Now comes a rumor that Fallout 4 might be online too...  Can we stop please?

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    Wildstar 2nd Beta weekend and MOVING

    Posted on Apr 9, 2014 9:39:11 AM by admin in gaming, in Geeky Stuff, in Student Life

    Hey guys and welcome back to the blog as you can see from the title above Wildstar just had its second Beta weekend. After reading my last blog I completely forgot to add some details about my character from the game. Well his name is DinhDinh and he is an engineer Chua.

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    Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls is Amazing!!!

    Posted on Apr 1, 2014 3:17:14 PM by admin in gaming, in Geeky Stuff

    I was so excited to finally get the collectors edition of Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls. I played the beta at Blizzcon to only be left hungering for the full release. I leveled a Crusader to 70 the first couple of days due to the excitement. I have thoroughly enjoyed the new expansion and updates and recommend people to pick up this expansion.

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    Wildstar continues Lore versus gameplay

    Posted on Mar 31, 2014 1:53:47 PM by admin in gaming, in Geeky Stuff

    Hey Guys and welcome back to the blog, a follow up from my blog last week of playing Wildstar Online, first beta weekend. I went back to playing WOW this week with some friends and a taught came to mind. With all these games that have been coming out recently who have been story driven, when you play MMO's do you play it more for the mechanics of an mmo or the huge story that is involve in it?

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    WILDSTAR OMG------ woot

    Posted on Mar 25, 2014 4:10:59 PM by admin in gaming, in Geeky Stuff, in game reviews

    Hello hello hello this blog is a bit different from my usual style. Over this past weekend I got to get into one of the Beta weekends for a little game call Wildstar Online. This game in my personal opinion is great and for those who are WOW(World of Warcraft) fans, im not saying this game is better. Instead I will highlight some of the features that I taught were especially neat when I was playing the game.

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    Aspects of A Game

    Posted on Mar 21, 2014 3:04:17 PM by admin in Academics, in game design degree, in game theory, in gaming, in Game Design

    One of the focuses of Game Design at UAT is the simple idea that you need to understand each aspect of game design.  So while knowing how to design each aspect of the game is important, it's just as important to understand the programming and art aspects.  For myself, while I really enjoy the design aspects I have also discovered that the programming part is a lot of fun too.  The art aspect on the other hand is something that I find I don't have the talent to accomplish.  That isn't to say that game art isn't important though.  In fact, I love just studying the art of games and I believe it's a shame that it's not more widely recognized.  While game art is becoming more and more recognized as time goes on, it's still not as appreciated as it should be.  One group of artists that continually have me marveling at their work, are the artists responsible for the Witcher series.

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    Pssttt Hey Kid.... Want Some Candy?

    Posted on Jan 21, 2014 5:48:18 PM by admin in gaming, in Geeky Stuff, in student government, in Student Life

            Don’t you think that hands are the wierdest thing in the world? I mean think about it- they’re these collections of bones with pieces of meat interwoven in which we control via electrical impulses to do specific things? Like for instances giving someone the bird, I’m litterally going “Hey look at this cool thing I can do,” or is that not what giving someone the bird means?... that would explain countless groundings… ANYWHO! I am once again Andrew Raabe the Super Cool Student Ambassador, back yet again to tell you about the cool happenings of going to this wonderful school called the University of Advancing Technology!  So, first as always, is what is cool going on at UAT? Well how about the start of a new semester?! I have officially started my 5th semester here at UAT and am absolutely loving it. What dear Andrew makes you love it so, you may ask? Well how about taking a class on the first six books of the Dune series? For those of you that don’t know Dune is probably one of my favorite book series of all time and not only do I get to re-read the best books from it- I get credits for doing so. Does it get better? No. The answer is no.

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