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    OverCooked, Local Coop, and EA Gaming Styles

    Posted on Feb 8, 2017 9:33:44 AM by Shawn McCoy in Blogs, in EA, in gaming, in Kevin, in Local Coop, in Local Multiplayer, in Overcooked, in Split Screen, in steam, in Chaos, in Rocket League

    Local coop games have been making somewhat of a comeback recently. These games are typically made for console, but with the surge of indie games on steam, anything is possible. Overcooked is one of the best local coop games I have played in quite some time. I feel that this can stack up to the greats, things like Smash, Mario Party, etc. Now this blog is going to be fairly biased when it comes to my opinion of certain games, so obviously take it with a grain of salt. Maybe even a chunk of rock salt if that’s more your style. Anywho, these games have fallen out of the AAA industry as they don’t exactly sell as well as singleplayer games. This is to be expected, as you need 2+ people to play one game on the same machine, so why would both of those players both purchase the game? This goes for many different games, and without any real single player differences (besides the time it takes to do things like chop and cook), there isn’t any reason that it would sell as much as a singleplayer game of the same quality. Now the part where it gets interesting is the praise that this game has gotten over the past couple of months.

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    Origin Access, 26 Games for just 5$?

    Posted on May 26, 2016 11:40:39 AM by Shawn McCoy in BattleField, in Blogs, in Dead Space, in EA, in Mass Effect, in Origin, in dragon age, in FIFA, in Trine, in visual

    So for those of you who haven’t heard, Origin is starting to put some pressure on steam when it comes to online gaming solutions. Origin is EA’s version of steam, and while you may be groaning already, please just humor me for a bit. Origin is an EA game specific launch pad of sorts and only has a small selection of games if you were to compare it to steam. But this isn’t the best comparison because they aren’t made for the same purposes.

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    Why These Games are Better Than Yours - Dragon Age: Origins

    Posted on Apr 9, 2015 1:13:52 PM by admin in Blogs, in EA, in games, in Geeky Stuff, in review, in Student Life, in video games, in why these games are better than yours, in DA, in DAO, in dragon age, in Electronic arts, in game reviews

    Hey All!

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