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    The Night Of: The Best TV Show of the Year?

    Posted on Aug 11, 2016 2:45:31 PM by Jordan Wippell in Bill Camp, in Blogs, in box, in college, in crime, in degree, in detective, in Digital Video, in drama, in hard boiled, in hbo, in James Gandolfini, in John Turturro, in justice, in prision, in Riz Ahmed, in the night of, in true detecitve, in UAT, in University of Advancing Technology

    Only five episodes have been released for HBO's new crime drama The Night Of and already it has gained audience and critical acclaim. Based on the BBC series Criminal Justice, The Night Of chronicles the investigation and possible prosecution of a young man named Naz who wakes up after a night of drugs and passion to find his new acquaintance dead. The show follows Naz down the rabbit hole of the American criminal justice system and those associated with the case.

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    Make Happy: http://blog.uat.edu/blogs/make-happy/

    Posted on Jun 22, 2016 2:24:26 PM by Jordan Wippell in Blogs, in bo burnham, in comedian, in comedy, in degree, in Digital Video, in entertainment, in fame, in film, in funny, in generation, in jokes, in make happy, in netflix special, in School, in stand up, in UAT, in University of Advancing Technology, in video, in what, in words words words

    Bo Burnham 'Make Happy'

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    How to Get Selected for a Film Festival

    Posted on Mar 16, 2016 10:30:01 AM by Jordan Wippell in a girl walks home alone at night, in audience, in awards, in blog, in Blogs, in crowd, in degree, in digital, in Digital Video, in film, in film festival, in film freeway, in laurels, in meat, in movie, in official selection, in screening, in short, in submission, in UAT, in University of Advancing Technology, in vimeo, in withoutabox, in YouTube

    One of the most common questions I get asked when I meet other college filmmakers is; how do I get a film into a film festival? Often most filmmakers have had experience making short films, yet none have been shown or found the resources to get those films into the public eye. Now obviously getting into a film festival is only important if you want it to be and in my mind, you shouldn’t make films that seek the validation of others. There are plenty of other online options in terms of getting your film seen, however the great thing about festivals is that there is a chance to possibly win awards (and money to fund your next project) and gain real time audience feedback. These things will help you grow as a filmmaker and that in of itself is invaluable.

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    Script Writing: how to writ dem words gud

    Posted on Mar 10, 2016 2:47:16 PM by Jordan Wippell in Blogs, in class, in degree, in Digital Video, in film, in film school, in filmmaking, in formatting, in movie making, in professor, in screen writing, in screenplay, in sharon bolman, in short film, in skills, in structure, in UAT, in University of Advancing Technology

    The backbone of any filmic medium is the script. When I first embarked on my endeavor to make a
    serious short film, I had no clue whatsoever about the art of script writing. My High School at the time didn’t offer any form of education related to the formatting, grammar and skills needed to write a proper film screenplay.

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    Deadpool: Over R-rated

    Posted on Feb 18, 2016 2:40:17 PM by Jordan Wippell in art, in blog, in Blogs, in brandingo, in college, in Deadpool, in degree, in Digital Video, in director, in film making, in movies, in r rated, in short film, in superheros, in UAT, in University of Advancing Technology, in watchmen, in writer

    When I first got into film making, there were two things I wanted to direct: a film based on the popular video game franchise Half Life and an adaption of forth wall breaking comic Deadpool.

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