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Personal Projects

By: | Jul 5, 2016

Hello All! UAT is a very project based university. Every industry that our students go into involves some amount of collaboration or teambuilding. Getting to build collaboration skills before you leave university will give you a great advantage when you get to the industry. Throughout my time here at UAT I’ve had many classes that… Read more »

How Many Classes Can You Handle?

By: | Oct 6, 2015

Hello all! If you are planning on going to college soon, or have just started college one of the most frequent questions that gets asked is “How many classes can I take and still be sane at the end of the semester?” Now it’s no lie that college is a very stressful and demanding part… Read more »

Consistent Theme

By: | May 27, 2015

At UAT we try to have professionals from the industry come in to talk to the students when possible.  It’s a really cool opportunity to meet some of the people who have actually done all of the things that we one day hope to do ourselves.  No matter what discipline they’re in though, there remains… Read more »