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Cartoon Crazy Pt. 3 – Over the Garden Wall

By: | Apr 9, 2015

I’m getting a bit teary-eyed because every one of these posts brings me closer to running out of cartoons I’m up-to-date or familiar with. Also, you’ll be crying with this next entry: What’s it About? Over the Garden Wall follows the story of Greg and Wirt, two boys lost in the woods and trying to find… Read more »

Cartoon Crazy Pt. 1 – Steven Universe

By: | Apr 2, 2015

Alright scrubs, I’m here to talk to you about cartoons. “Cartoon Crazy” is gonna be a series dedicated to recommending some great cartoons for all ages (adults included), so strap up and get ready for an adventure in 2D animation! Today we’ll be starting off with what is probably my favorite ongoing series so far…. Read more »