Toxic Time is Up

Saturday, October 26th I went with Yvonne, who is the faculty manager here at UAT, to the American Cancer Society Breast Cancer Walk here in Tempe. We had petitions for the Toxic Time is Up campaign. You can found out more information about that here: Basically the petition is to update the Toxic Substance Control Act of 1976. So that was the last time that chemicals were tested to see if they were safe or not before being used in everyday products. Today, there are about 80,000 chemicals being used in products that everyone uses, like shampoo, deodorant, some clothing, and so on, and only 200 of those chemicals have been tested. There were four of us running around with petitions in different areas. After I was done asking the vendors, I went back towards the front of the park to find Yvonne. When I got there, Yvonne told me we had just been kicked out by the police. Apparently, the America Cancer Society didn’t want us there. I still don’t understand why a group of people who want to help fight cancer don’t want someone else who wants to help fight cancer there. Well, we found out where the boundaries of the park were, and stood right outside of it and still got the petition signed.
I was also really surprised at the amount of people who didn’t want to sign the petition. These were people that were there to help fight and find a cure, but they didn’t want to simply sign their name for a cause that was going to help prevent cancer. It was astounding. I can understand the people who replied “I don’t sign petitions” or “I need to get mom home”. Alright, that’s fine. I understand. But some people replied “it’s not for me.” What do you mean it’s not for you? These chemicals are affecting everyone, including you. And you’re here to fight cancer, but this cancer prevention petition isn’t for you? I also had a lady ask how old I was, and then proceed to say that this act happened back in 1976, and I wasn’t alive then.
Despite all the people who didn’t want to sign the petition, we still got a lot of signatures. Most of them came from survivors and men. There were lots of young ladies who did not want to sign it. I think this is because they already felt like they did their good deed for the year by walking 3 miles. All we asked is that you listen to this information for less than a minute and then put down your name, and preferably your address for verification. But it will only take a couple of people to get fired up over this and start a wave of action.
Here are some pictures!

The police approach Yvonne.


The police ask Yvonne for her and her group to leave.

Me asking someone to sign the petition.

Yvonne and I, striking a pose.


I was sent to retrieve the rest of the wild and unwanted group.

Someone awesome who signed the petition.


An awesome and beautiful group of ladies who signed the petition.

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