There once was a man from Nantucket…

So this fish keeps on staring at me… like it’s in the fishtank five feet away from the desk, and I swear to god he hasn’t moved in two hours. It’s like he’s staring into the depths of my soul! Maybe it’s attracted to me? Anywho, moving away from strangely fish related fantasies that seem to be enveloping my mind… My name is Andrew Raabe, better known as Andrew the Fantastic Student Ambassador! (AFSAM *yup, theres still an M*) come once again to talk to you about the wondrous things that happen here at UAT! So if you haven’t heard, UAT made a Bohemian Rhapsody video in which we had a ton of Star Wars characters singe a new and exciting Bohemian Rhapsody! The video has since then taken off and is approaching half a million views! If you think about it thats like 500 times the size of my hometown watching it. That, my children, is cray cray. I’m posting the link here! So everyone watch it. Meow.

Next up we have Game Watch! This is the portion where I talk about what games I have been playing recently… so um… I haven’t. >.> I have not avidly played a video game in like a month. I’m weird. Sorry to disappoint you chilans but the only thing that I can talk to you about is the every popular Steam Autumn Sale. So that’s going on. It’s like the Summer Sale but not as cool. If you are looking for a new game, but don’t want to drop the major money on it, I recommend checking out the sale 🙂
So as is always last, we have our Student Government shenanigans! Guess what time it is? It’s time for the Semesterly Carnival at UAT! This year we have quite a set of  stuff such as a cotton candy machine, popcorn machine and a few carnival games, including a duck pond! I literally have no idea how the duck pond game works… like none. Apparently it’s fun? But on top of that we are having a bungee run- which essentially is a two lane course where you attach two people and they attempt to run forward and place a flag further than their opponent. Oh they are connected to each other. Yes Lol. Lastly, making its ever popular return, we are having our gladiator joust, basically two people sitting on a giant blow up ring whacking each other, until one falls over.

I am trying something new! I will answer your questions or possibly do some sort of a feature based on your feedbacks! So if you have every wanted to ask me anything or have questions about UAT in general Email me! My Email is (the name is cool, don’t hate.)

That’s all folks!

Lame Joke of the Day: Why did the cookie go to the hospital?

Answer: He felt crummy =P

Food for Thought!




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