So recently we had a short holiday break for Thanksgiving. I think the preparation for it was the most stressful for me. I had to go and gather all the ingredients and make sure I had all my work done to devote for the holiday time. One day for cooking and eating and another day for the food coma. I did not want to make a traditional turkey. I’ve got a slight problem with doing everything traditionally. So I went and got a 6 pound leg of lamb and some 12oz pieces of fish. I won’t even list everything that I ended up getting because I didn’t even have enough time to cook it all on Thanksgiving.

What I did manage to make was the lamb, garlic parsley knots, herbed potato rolls, and eggnog ginger bread trifle. The lamb came from my Unofficial Game of Thrones Cook Book. It was a 6 pound leg of lamb that was butterflied open and the leg removed (which I am going to make into a soup this weekend). Then I sauteed a pound of spinach and 3 cloves of garlic. I mixed that with some pine nuts, golden raisins, basil, and soft goat cheese. This spread was put all over the opened lamb. Then the lamb was rolled up and tossed into the oven for an hour. Here’s a link to the cook book, which also has the recipe for the fish I still plan on making and tons of other delicious recipes.

I guess I should have started with dessert first because it’s what I made first. Here’s a link to the recipe for eggnog gingerbread trifle. The bread was next because I make bread from scratch. I could not find a link to the direct recipes for these.

For the people there for feasting I had my roommate Cory, friends Scott, Andrew, Rj, and David. David makes the most delicious corn casserole and Andrew make some garlic cheesy bread. Overall it was a fantastic night and we watched some Trigun after dinner.

People who stay for break usually make food or join others in the kitchen at Founder’s Hall for Thanksgiving. This way everyone gets to enjoy the holidays!

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