Saying Goodbye is Always Hard

The Spring Semester here at UAT is officially over. We’re now in limbo until the summer semester begins. It’s actually been strange not having any classwork to complete.

Next semester, I am taking quite a few classes. One of the ones I’m excited for is RBT307, which is Physical Computing Studio. The class will be a multiple disciplinary class, with robotics, HCI, network security, and programming students all coming together. It should be an interesting class.

I’m sad to say that this was the last semester for three of our ambassadors: Kyle, Aaron, and Joe. They are all graduating from UAT, and will be greatly missed!

As we are congratulating our three former-ambassadors on their success, we are also welcoming four new ambassadors: Ashley, Jay, Devin, and Andrew. I’m sure you will see their blogs on here soon enough.

Short blog this time around. Next week I’ll have a little bit more to talk about.