SA Week1

Hey Guys, my name is Shenique Samuel and I’m a new Student Ambassador. First time posting so I wouldn’t make it too drawn out haha. I’m a Technology Forensic Student here at the University and I love my major.Still training but the other SAs are helping me along just fine. This week has been a good week. Last night my roommate and I went to go watch We are the Millers and it was hilarious. If you enjoy comedy as much as I do, this movie would be one to see. I think it’s been in the theaters for a while so you might have to hunt down a theater that still has it. Once you find it, I promise you would love it. So I’m from the Virgin Islands and some of you might wonder why I would leave such wonderful paradise to come all the way out here but I got to say, I like living in Tempe, Yes I know it’s hot haha, but there is a lot to do. It’s a big difference from the 32 square miles I come from but it’s great….Later Guys…Until Next Time 🙂 !

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