Making friends!

So it’s been another week and I’ve been to orientation and a couple of classes where I’ve started making some friends. We’ve met our French buddies (basically French students that help us figure stuff out) and the other international students who are actually ERASMUS students. There are 4 people from Spain, 3 from the Czech Republic, 2 from Greece, 2 from Germany and 1 each from the UK and Israel. It’s a diverse group and most of us aren’t fluent in French yet so it’s good to have someone you can talk to who understands the frustration of not knowing the native language very much. Mind you I’m getting by pretty good with the basics of bonjour (hello during the day, it’s bonsoir in the evening), au revoir (bye), merci (thanks) and s’il vous plaît (please). I look forward to learning more since we’ll be in a French class and some of my classes will be in French, at least I’m usually able to pick up whats being talked about some of the time and that’s what the buddies are for so they can help if we miss something or don’t understand.


Well here are some pictures from this week and you can check out my flickr for more:

This is what Euros look like and for every one euro (coin second from the top) we spend we’re spending like $1.30 USD

Amazing sunset the other day, AZ has pretty amazing sunsets but the architecture here is equally amazing.

There’s this fun event for all new students in Orléans where they take everyone on tours of the city and then there’s this band and then we go ice skating. It’s basically a welcome to Orléans thing and only for new students.

Me, Hanna (Germany), Janire (Spain) and Molly. I did eventually go ice skating, but I don’t have any pictures from that because I was too busy having fun!

Everyone! These are all the exchange students that are going to ÉSAD including Molly and I.


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