Living in the Area

Living around Phoenix is pretty nifty. Since it’s such a large city, there are so many things that go on around here. As much as I don’t care for being in a city (I much prefer the quiet), I am really glad that I am here. My main excitement is over all the concerts that come by. I just recently went to go see I the Mighty. They don’t come through many places because they aren’t a really large band. Though if you like┬áProgressive / Indie / Alternative music, then I would really suggest them. They are pretty awesome. Anyways, I was just excited because they have passed through three times now since I have lived here in the past year. Showing up to their shows usually introduces me to other awesome bands. Pvris (pronounced Paris, like the city) was one that was really awesome. Other bands that were there were Cold Blooded Theory, Lennox House, For All Those Sleeping, and A Skylit Drive. All those bands and the ticket was only $15. On another note, I happen to know I the Mighty, which is par of the reason I was so excited. The know me as well, but not my name, and that’s fine because I don’t remember their names.

So just to sum up what I was trying to say this whole time: Phoenix provides great opportunities to go and participate in all of the events that it offers. If you can afford it, I would really suggest taking the leap and going somewhere new here.

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