Inservice Insight

This week at UAT I participated in my first In-service day. If you’re like me chances are you have associated In-service days with days like Thanksgiving, Memorial Day, Columbus Day, and other days where students generally don’t have school.

Well what a shock it was for me to find out I had to come in on my “day off from school”. At first I felt a bit apprehensive about the whole ordeal, but I was equally intrigued by how schools function when students aren’t there. To my surprise it isn’t as dull as I expected.

We started off the day with a few announcements and introductions (I being one of them as a brand new Student Ambassador) and moved on to talking about TechForum which is coming up later this semester. There was music, passion points (where teachers and faculty had the chance to show off cool things they were interested in), and with Halloween coming up we got to decorate the school.

There were also presentations for Socrative, a live classroom app for web enabled devices. We used it as students would in class to take polls and answer a short quiz. It shows how much the teachers notice what students are lacking (like time in class, immediate feedback, and classroom engagement).

I had fun, and I’m quietly looking forward to the next one. I only wish there was more time for all the homework afterwards.

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