I’m here!

After a crazy…um 4 days-ish (this time change has got my head in a twist) I’m in my dorm in Orléans. The travel here went from manageable to difficult and it’s really my own fault for a couple of reasons. One, I packed too much, eh what can I say I wanted a variety of clothes and now that I’ve made it at least I wont have to buy any here (though I probably will anyways). Two, I thought I had everything planned to get us from the airport to our hotel, but no matter how well you plan, you wont be ready. I wish now that I had taken pictures of this frustrating part of the journey from the airport, but like I said it was frustrating. It’s frustrating for many reasons like; not knowing where to go to buy the tickets you need for the metro, where the platform you need is located, when you miss your exit because you didn’t know you had to press a button to exit or enter the metro, how to get to the other side of the metro tracks so you can backtrack, figuring out where to sit on a train which goes along with trying to figure out how to read a train ticket. 

Now, that’s all very whiny of me, but I think I would’ve been better prepared for the pitfalls if I had read a blog where someone complained more and spoke less of how wonderful everything is. But don’t get me wrong everything is still pretty wonderful, gloriously wonderful! I’ve found the French to be really polite especially here in Orléans. Not to mention there’s been this spirited festival happening since we arrived and the architecture is nothing like what I’ve ever seen before especially in person. Every day has a new wonderful surprise for me and so far we’ve only explored a small fraction of the city and we can walk anywhere we want because nothings too far away and the weather is cold at night but warm during the day. It’s a dream, sure getting here was frustrating and there’s still some frustrating things I have to tend to, but for me this experience is more invigorating than anything else.

Molly and I about to leave AZ, note the trip from AZ to our hotel was 25.5 hrs (actual hours I’ve already accounted for the 9 hr difference).

First night hotel room, it was surprisingly beautiful.

Our dorm is right by the river so we get to spend a lot of time walking this way or that on it.

A picture of the school, my semester here doesn’t start till Monday, but it’s nice to know how to get there for future reference.

Here’s some interactive noise wheels, purpose unknown, but I think it’s for the kids. This is part of the festival going on.

Here’s what the festival looks like from one bridge, it goes from one bridge to the next and a little past. It quite beautiful.

I don’t know the significance of these winged balloons, but everyone is very excited about them. Maybe I’ll learn more next week when I get to school and start talking to some people there.

You can look at more of my photo’s here.

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