I bought a new laptop

So with all inevitability I was forced to buy a new laptop, luckily I had the money for it. I ended up buying a Lenovo because it was recommended by a lot of my friends and/or they already own Lenovos. I went to the Fry’s Electronics across the street and what’s great is the next day I was able to price match NewEgg and get my laptop for $450. I bought the Lenovo G500 and it’s everything I need so that’s good. 

I’ve been learning Windows 8 and I will say that when I first touched Windows 8 (6 months ago) I hated it, but after a few hours of deleting needless programs and setting up a layout for myself and especially after a friend shared a tip for using the Window key to get the tiles to pop-up I like it alright. I still use my desktop more than the tiles, but I can tolerate them now.

The only thing that’s killing me right now is getting the Adobe Creative Suite, it’s sooooo expensive and I really hate the idea of the cloud, even though it’s cost effective in the short term. Luckily I can get Microsoft Office through the school so I’ve already downloaded that. I might just have to wait on the Creative Suite, which is a bummer because I use it so much.

Anyways I leave Tuesday for France, everything’s in order and I’ll be doing some blogging from overseas while I’m there. 

Au revoir!!

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