HvZ Fall 2013

HvZ started Wednesday October 23rd at midnight, so technically it was Thursday. Anyways, 2 Original Zombies were picked. I wasn’t there that night, and the next day I was at work. But Thursday night I participated in a mission. It ended up being Rj and I teamed up for a couple of hours searching for vials. We didn’t find any. I stayed the night at the dorms, since I live off campus. The next morning, I got and got 4 other humans awake to do the Save the Lobby mission. We succeeded because there were no zombies awake. Later that day, Rj and I got turned into zombies. I have to say, I enjoy being a zombie a lot more than a human. I basically organized the zombies and set up all our ambushes and defenses. I even got to be a red tongue zombie for a while on Saturday night.
Oh, and my friend David had an amazing run. He was one of the moderators, but he was also playing and at the time he was a human. There was a mission to get a radio part from the base of South Mountain. All the humans came the first time, and got back to campus. But the part was a fake. The humans gave up so David ran all the way there last minute by himself. He took out the zombies we still had lingering and made it halfway back to campus before he got turned. If the humans got that part, they probably would have won because they would have had a different last stand.
However, last stand only lasted about 10 minutes. And the zombies won. The melee weapons were hard to take down. And last stand was a little different this semester. The humans had to use the medi-gun on David to kill his alternate personality that controlled the zombies, and then kill each zombie 2 times after that. Taking down David specifically was a story point because since he was a moderator, he was also the store owner giving out the missions. And I wrote the story and the emails, which was a lot of fun. I loved giving David several different personalities, and having the same person issue out orders for both sides. I can’t wait for next semester!