Hey- Hey You! With the Face! Read This!

        Before reading any further you are all required to watch this video to completion.


What? You’re still here after 10 hours?? Well you have severe dedication! … That or you didn’t watch the video all the way through…. well played viewer… well played. Anywho! Welcome one and all back the Andrew the Fantastics Student Ambassador Blog (for those of you into acronyms AFSAM.) First thing! It’s time for our little section on our wonderful surrounding areas! So when all of you who are reading this inevitably come and join UAT (BECAUSE IT’S AWESOME) and the Chinese place across the street isn’t cutting it anymore and you want a buffet… Try Lin’s Grand Buffet! Conveniently a mile or so away from UAT, Lin’s Grand Buffet consists of a massive selection of food, including everyone’s Chinese favorites plus Steak and a Mongolian Grill! We ended up going and trying this place for one of my friends birthday and for $10.00 and being  ‘all you can eat’ it is a great choice for the college student. Personal favorite thing that they had, you may ask? Baby Squids. Head and all. I may or may not have played with a dead squid baby.

        Moving onto game watch, I have two things for ya! First off, I bought Battlefield 3… 0.0 oh.. my… gerd…. ITS GREAT! The campaign is pretty good, but is rather similar to that of the original Black Ops. It has good story as well, not to mention the gun selection is great. Multiplayer is fantastic, although when you first start out you don’t have that many good guns. If you haven’t already gotten it, I believe it is on sale for $8.00 somewhere. Try it out! Next is Game Jams. We are hosting our Noob Jam this weekend! For those of you that don’t know, it is when we take our freshman, after three weeks of classes, and force them to make a game (for prizes.) Now we don’t just let them sit there all alone, we send in big strong game making veterans (like myself) and have them help as best they can. Just picture Superman standing with his cape flowing in the wind and my face plastered on it. That’s what we look like in Noob Vision.

        Lastly, it is our Student Government view! We just had our first annual Club Takeover event and it was a huge success! Essentially what we do is take every club and throw them all over the school and have them do cool things (UATea served tea and Anime and Manga watched anime and drink Ramune for instance.) It was pretty awesome and we had tons of people show up. Maybe I’ll be seeing you at our next one, I hope so at least! Thank you guys so much!

That’s all folks!


Lame Joke of the Day:  Why wouldn’t the shrimp share his toys.

Answer: Because he was a little ‘shellfish’


Food For Thought!


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