Great Weekend….

Hey guys. So if my post tittle did not clue you in already then you should know that my weekend was AWESOME ha-ha! This weekend was my roommates 21st birthday so we had as much fun as possible. After the long week we had last week in school, I would say that the weekend was the perfect time to unwind and have fun for her birthday. Not only was it my roommates birthday but it was also the release of Bad Grandpa and I have NOT laughed that hard in a long time. That movie is an awesome movie. What made it even funnier was that most of the scenes really happened. The facial expressions in that movie could make you pee your pants from laughing so hard. It was a great movie. Anybody that ask me about that movie I would have no words. The only thing I could tell them is to go ahead and watch it for themselves. I went to watch that on Friday and from that started my awesome weekend. Over the weekend Arizona Grand, the hotel right next to UAT, had a Jazz festival that I really wished I has attended. It seemed like it had a great turn out, the performers were great singers and I love their music. I guess I have to catch the next one. Then Sunday was my roommate’s birthday and the fun continued. Sunday we got up and we had lunch at Garcia’s which is a Spanish Restaurant in Arizona Mills Mall. We were going to do some shopping but we got there too late and the mall was ready to close for the day. That was fine though because we were ready to have fun for the rest of the night. When Kelly got off of work, we all had Steak dinner at Logan’s, one of my roommate’s favorite steak houses. It was really good steak. I had ribs and those were excellent too. After having a nice dinner filled with laughter, we went to 13th Floors Haunted House. I think that was the BEST haunted house I have ever been into. When we were outside there was this creepy dude just wondering around and scaring everybody, he even got me at one point. This made it even worst because I was trying to calm Kelly so she would be ready to go inside, clearly THAT didn’t work. So we got our tickets and went inside. I have never screamed so much in my life. It was fun though. There were clowns, people jumping out of caskets, zombies screaming at you over your head, people jumping out of picture frames you think are empty; it was FUN! I was all excited to go into the haunted house and when I got in, I was ready to go but I didn’t take any of the exits because I wanted to see what was up next. That place was awesome. After that we calmed ourselves with a few drinks and Karaoke and ended the night. I must say my roommate really enjoyed her 21st. I think Kelly and I are getting better and better every year when we have to plan birthday outings. This week is going by great and I cannot wait for the weekend…..Until next week guys.

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