Gotta Love Comedies !

Hey Guys I am back. So last week I watched We are the Millers and laughed the whole time. This time my roommate and I decided to do another comedy, which was just as funny. Monday we watched Baggage Claim. A film about a young lady who believed in love and marriage and all that other good stuff that came along. It was a good movie, a lot of corny comedy but that’s my favorite type so I really enjoyed it. Another movie I would recommend. It had some really great scenes that I loved. Paula Patton did a very good job in this movie. One thing I did learn in this movie is to not let your mother pressure you into anything you don’t want to. Even if she threatens to tie you to a chair until you agree with her lol. Don’t do it. You’ll be miserable if it’s something you don’t want to do. So that’s what I did on Monday. Before the movie we went out to get something to eat and the one thing I love about living here is the amount of choices you have when it’s time for a meal. It’s also difficult because you’re deciding whether you want a great steak or a tasty taco (that’s my roommate’s favorite meal). One of my favorite restaurants in Tempe is this sushi restaurant Julie (my roommate) and I found at Tempe Market Place. It’s called Kabuki Japanese Restaurant. Their sushi is really good and not badly priced either. Something for you guys to check out if you haven’t. OK I’m finished rambling now haha. Have a great week guys.

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