Goodbye Party!

So as you probably knew from Molly’s blog post, we’re loosing a couple student ambassadors to graduation and one to a good job. Both of those things are very exciting and totally worth partying. And we party in style, Peter Piper Pizza style! On Friday we went to Peter Piper Pizza and got to eat lots of pizza (there was a competition on who could eat the most) and then we played all the wonderful blink-y light games. I of course lost all my tokens to a coin pusher game, it looked like I was so close to winning and I thought that as the tokens fell that I would get those, but no I just got some tickets. I eventually got more tokens and played more games. It was a lot of fun and I’m going to miss all the student ambassadors that are leaving, but at least they had a nice send off. Here are some of the pictures from the party:

That’s all of us that could make it.

Molly and Alex playing Terminator.

Pat playing… something

Alex grabbing candy

Kyle about to play Big Shot.

Kyle, Jenn and Alex after winning some serious candy.

This is me trying soo hard to win at the coin pusher game and losing anyways.