So about 2 weeks before coming to France I talked to my doctor about my suspicions of being lactose intolerant. He agreed and told me to try staying away from all the wonderful things in life, to see if I started feeling better, amazingly I did, though I crave chocolate always. So, my experience is going to be a little different, less chocolaty/cheesy wonderfulness, but Molly tells me the chocolate and cheesy stuff is pretty excellent. Alright let’s get to the picture part:

We stumbled on a Subway within the first couple of days and of course we ate there. It was exactly the same for the most part and being uncomfortable with the French language we were able to point to the things we wanted.

This small grocery store kept us alive for the first couple of weeks, it was expensive (for college students) but at least they had all the necessities!

Our bakery or pâtisserie. They sell wonderful sweet treats.

Here’s Molly with a sweet treat from the pâtisserie.

This is where we buy most of our food now, it’s called Carrefour and it’s a big chain grocery store. It’s also inside of a mall which is a bit different.

Molly weighing some veggies, yes you have to weigh them before the register over by where you pick them up from. We learned this the hard way when the cashier wouldn’t let us buy our veggies the first time.

I’ve been making a lot of soup lately, because it’s easy, relatively cheap and delicious!


I’ve also tried my hand at making banana bread on the stove. It was delicious, though not really bread form, more like stuffing form. Another thing to note is that it was hard to find baking soda, firstly it’s called bicarbonate de sodium or bicarbonate de soude. Secondly you have to buy it from the pharmacies that are separate from the grocery stores (the pharmacies have green lighted crosses outside of them). 

We have a pot luck with the other international students about once a week so we get to experience other food from other cultures, which is pretty awesome. Also that’s my banana bread he’s grabbing.

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