Fly-In Was AWESOME !

Hey Guys, like every other weekend I have been here at UAT, this weekend was quite busy. On Saturday we had our Fly-In Geek and it was awesome. I haven’t been to a fly-in since I’ve been here at UAT and I must say that I have been missing out on a lot of fun. Thought the Student Ambassadors have to work, we still get the chance to meet the new students and make them feel welcome. It is always a good feeling when you are welcomed. I remember when I was the new student; I was welcomed to UAT by the Ambassadors, by Founders and everyone else so I wanted those kids to feel the same. Another cool thing about this Fly-In that I attended was that I met someone who was also from the Virgin Islands. He lived there was he was 18 for a while and then he moved to Alabama but it was still a great feeling to meet someone that lives in the same area and you. In Arizona, meeting someone from the Virgin Islands is quite rear and I was glad to have met someone. We talked about all kinds of things. We even had a few friends in common. His son came to the fly-in and a lot of the kids his son goes to school with, I knew. It really is a small world. Ha-ha. But Fly-In was great. It was a good experience and I got to meet a lot of the incoming students. This week was a busy week and the rest of the semester would be because we are winding down to the end but I hope everyone is had a great week and have a great weekend guys.

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