Greetings minions! I call you minions because I picture every one of you as evil little minions with large over sized guns. No… midgets. I like picturing you all as Borderlands midgets with over sized guns that every time you shoot you going flying into the nearest wall. Yeah… that’s it. *thinks to self and laughs* ANYWHO! Welcome one and all of my evil midgets to Andrew the Fantastics Student Ambassador blog! (still AFSAM for those with weird OCDs) First thing that we should talk about I guess is our wonderful set of things to do in Tempe! Being the president of paintball club I often have to make choices… between shooting him in the chest or him in the chest, but in all seriousness I do. One of those often comes down to where we should go play. So if you are a Paintball enthusiast and are coming to UAT then I’ve got two places for you to check out. First off is Westworld Paintball! They have both an indoor and outdoor field ,which is pretty awesome, and have pretty cheap prices for paint! About $40 a case, which compared to other fields $60 a case, it makes the higher price of renting worth it. Now if you are just getting into Paintball and don’t want to drive the 30 minutes from school and spend $35 on renting, Tempe Paintball is a good way to go. It costs $25 for a full all day rental and cases of paint are a little more expensive, but chances are if you are just starting out you won’t use it all =D.

        Moving onto the game watch, yet again yo tengo dos things for ya! First off, I’ve had Borderlands 2 for about a year, aaannnnnnddd have never played it >.> Yes I know the sacrilege! Oh the horror! Someone hit him with an article of fish. Shush. I was busy. That’s a lie but still. So I started playing and am really enjoying it. Ripe with puns and easter egg references to other games and movies, Borderlands 2 satisfies all those little itches you couldn’t quite reach with your oversized sniper rifle last game. For instances, being the RPG player that I am, I enjoy interaction. In Borderlands 1 there wasn’t a whole lot of that, which made me a sad panda. Here there is plenty of interaction, you get to see just about every character from the old game, and the story almost revolves around characters other than yourself! It’s a great play, and its good for a laugh every now and then, so I’d give it a whirl. Lastly! Game JAAAAMMM *Sings* So we had our Noob Jam last weekend for all of you who read my blog (those of you who didn’t, dooom DOOOOM ON YOU) and I have to say they were the best looking games to ever come out of a Noob Jam. My personal favorite was one created by a group of noobies and coded by two alumni. Technically they cheated, because Alex is a cheater. Anywho! it was great and I enjoyed helping everyone and running it as well.

        Lastly, STUDENT GOVERNMENT!! Dununu dununu naaahhhh, Campaigning has begun! It is time to switch out our old Student Government with our new. So I, Andrew Scrumdidiliumcious Raabe the Third, hereby put in my nomination for Vice President. Yeah I’m cool. But, if you want to help your school and everyone in it, after being here for 2 semesters of course, you should try to become a Student Government member. Besides looking great on a resume, it teaches you life skills and definitely time and money management. So everyone Vote Fischer/Scrumdidiliumcios for President. Hm..

That’s all folks!

Lame Joke of the Day:  What do you call a psychic midget who has escaped from prison?


Answer: A Small Medium at Large!

Food For Thought!



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