Everything’s different, of course!

This week I went to a workshop in place of going to class, I’m not really sure why exactly, but it’s been really fun. What’s funny is the teacher of my workshop asked me about my degrees and background and then she said “why are you here” because the school is more focused on traditional design and building things with your hands even though they do have some advanced technology like a couple different 3D printers.

Something else I’m having to get used to is not having a proscribed assignment, my assignment for this workshop is really vague and my teacher says that “you should only do something if you’re really passionate about it otherwise don’t do it”. I think that’s a very European mentality because when Anastasios Maragiannis came for his Typography workshop he had the same kind of vagueness about what we were doing and just wanted us to have fun.

Today I visited Hotel Dupanloup which is being restored into a University Research Center and for my workshop we’re all designing an object that will go in it. Everyone else got started on their project in July, but even though I’m new they’re letting me contribute. I wasn’t allowed to take pictures when we were inside so I decided to sketch the interesting textures I saw and that turned out to be better, I haven’t sketched in so long and I feel like my sketches are so much better than if I had just taken pictures. Anyways this project is really exciting and I love how project based the school is which is similar to UAT in some regards.

My photostream is here for all the pictures that didn’t make it into a blog post.

Here’s the building we toured which is being restored and turned into a research university.

Here’s my group including the guy giving us a tour, my teacher has the camera and the direct of the school has the short reddish hair, the rest are fellow students.

My first page of sketches, I plan to use these sketches to help with my concept.

More sketches

Last page of sketches, I was so disappointed I couldn’t get the intricate pattern from the flooring on the bottom right. I’ll try looking it up to correct it.

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