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Muwahhahahaa, yes it is that time! It is time for us to worship our evil…. whoops wrong blog… Um…. So ladies and gents I am once again Andrew Raabe the Student Ambassador of awesome here to tell you about the happenings here at the wonderful UAT. First up a dark cloud has descended on Arizona… for my parents have arrived to visit. So far we have gone to sushi at my top secret sushi place and to gourmet ramen noodles- and they paid. If I could give any advice to anyone when their parents come to visit go to Stax burgers, Republic Ramen, and (top secret sushi place name here), if they are using your car make sure its low on gas so they have to fill it up! Just a few tips and tricks about being a cheap college student!

On the game watch, Game Jam happened last week! For those of you that don’t know, Game Jam is where you get a group of people together and attempt to make a game in 48 hours following a specific theme. This Jams theme was the term Colony! We had a ton of games put in and (being recently selected to run Game Jams in the future) I was a judge! There was a ton of good games, and a few not very good games… but all in all it was a good time! I have the links for the majority of the games below!

And lastly the Student Government view on things! The SAARC kids have come and gone, they enjoyed a week of the college life and got to hang out with people just as geeky as them. We held several events for them including a night at the UAT theater with popcorn cotton candy and The Hobbit! So we are starting to finish up the semester and that means that It is carnival time! I can’t tell you much about what it is going to be other than that they may be a certain element that contains dihydrogen monoxide…

That’s all folks!

Lame Joke of the Day: What do you call an alligator in a vest?
Answer: An Investigator

Food For Thought!