Being sick away from home

I don’t have any new photo’s this week, it’s been a crazy week. Basically back to back classes for the first part of the week then sick the second part. Being sick isn’t ever fun, but add that you don’t have your support structure because you’re away from home it’s whole different kind of un-fun namely homesickness. I miss being able to talk to strangers, grocery store associates, people with petitions and a ton of other people that I pass every day. I’ve had a couple of my French friends visit me and they started talking in French and it’s not fair for me to be upset because we’re in France, but I’m sick and I just want to be home speaking English… with my mom, I miss my mom. It’s lonely, even with Molly and the other foreign exchange students. They’ve been having fun basically since I got sick and I can’t help but feel bummed for not being able to go out. There were a couple parties, a couple pot-luck style parties, a couple movie theater trips and then a kayak trip (there’s always something going on which I love).

This is a very cranky blog with no pictures and that’s a bummer, but I think I’ll talk about food/ eating/ cooking/ grocery shopping next week so that’s something to look forward to. Oh and there will be pictures.

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