So right before the break between summer and fall semester, I moved into my new apartment. I am rooming with a friend of mine and we got a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom, 941 square foot apartment. It’s pretty nice and only a 40 minute walk to UAT. I know, I know, you guys probably think that’s crazy. But I like to walk, and I save gas money. It also helps keep me active since most of the day I’m sitting in class and work. Anyways, back to the details of the apartment. It’s pretty awesome. I have room for a queen size bed (pillow top too), a desk, a shelf, a table with my TV on it, and my drafting table. My closet was large enough to fit my dresser in, and keep tubs of stuff and the rest of my clothes. My roommates closet is bigger though. I have so much room in my bathroom I don’t even know what to do with it. The living room is also a really good size and a great place to play D and D.
We’ve been living there for a month now, and it’s been fantastic. We also have a community pool that is a pretty good size. I love having a place I can go to and relax and feel at home. Before I make everyone who has to live in the dorms or is currently living the dorms jealous, let me say some things. The dorms were pretty awesome. It was great to walk only a few feet and run into so many people with so many things to do. It was also really convenient to be that close to the academic building. I also just loved the family feel of the dorms. But I’m also really glad to have my own space, especially the kitchen!

The dining room.

When you come through the door and turn left.

The hallway to my room and bathroom.

The living room.

The center.


The kitchen.

When you come in through the door.

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