Anything for a Sugar Rush :)

Sooo…I think this weekend was my favorite weekend back to school. This weekend I went to my favorite place ever; The Hairdresser ha-ha. I was able to get a new hair cut which I love and just be pampered for the day. I don’t think I’m the only girl who loves to be pampered. I had a great weekend. Went to the mall with my roommates, did some shopping, I must say this was a great weekend. I think it was well needed after a long week in school, a day out with the girls to do some pampering and shopping was just what the doctor ordered. This week I had the weirdest graving for a Cinnabon so that was another adventure. My friends and I searched high and low for a Cinnabon store and we finally found one. Actually it wasn’t that easy. First we went to Fiesta Mall, which was where we usually get Cinnabons but for some strange reason, the mall TOOK OUT CINNABON! That was not nice. We were quite upset. So we got back into the car and had to use the brilliant smartphones that we had to find another one that was close to the school because we had class in a few minutes. With all the exploring we have done since we have been out here in Tempe, we knew we had seen one before but we could not for the life of us find where it was. That was also upsetting. After about 20 minutes of searching and yelling at the GPS for only bringing up the Cinnabon on Sky Harbor Airport, we decided that we were going to just head back to the school and go down 48th. So we did and we found one and we were happy and then we went to class. Though it took us about 40mins to find out, it was worth the drive. But then we had to come back to class, which was actually interesting that day. For my class we had an assignment where we had to pick a 2 minute scene in a movie, turn the sound off and then make our own sound. I decided I was going to do the Grudge. I used the scene where she was crawling down the stairs and my roommate had the PERFECT sound effects for the Grudge. It was hilarious. We stayed up until like 1:30 that night trying to get it perfect and making sure that the sound was right on cue with the movie. It took us a while because we couldn’t use any programs. All we had were IPhones, YouTube and our voices ha-ha, what a night. But I did get a good grade and the class and teacher loved it, so I would have to say that the late night working was well worth it! Until next week guys…….

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