Another semester over!

This was by far my toughest semester, there were so many things happening a lot of them really positive. Just in the last few weeks this is what I’ve been up to:

Ice skating with friends

I used an Amazon Local Deal and for all 3 of us the total cost was only $10. I remember when I first put on ice skates that I took to it no problem… but this time I was just plain awful, but I still had fun.


Me, Molly and Quincy

After some serious ice skating we went to the Pop Culture Museum which is a big building showcasing a ton a memorabilia from things like Star Wars, Firefly, The Simpsons, Buffy, The Avengers, etc. There was a lot of stuff to see and it was very nostalgic for some of it.

Me and Molly

I played my last game of Nerf Warz before I leave for France and graduate.

Everybody grabbing their supplies

Meeting Congresswoman Kyrsten Sinema and sharing My Music Mosaic with her. It was really awesome to meet her and she loved our project which was cool. She said she would’ve bought our program back when she was a social worker, but our project is actually open source.

Molly, Congresswoman Kyrsten Sinema, Me and Amanda

Lastly this weekend we were able to share My Music Mosaic at the Phoenix Art Museum. It was awesome to share with people who otherwise might never have had an opportunity to hear about it.

Kids really liked playing with it and the projector was a way to display the artwork.

Also there was a photo booth from Mr. Fun Booth that was a ton of fun.

Molly, Abby, Tristan, Alex and Me