And The VI Wins the Championship!!

Hey guys…So last week I touched a little on the team from the Virgin Islands that came to Tempe to play baseball. Well this weekend they had more games and won them all. On Sunday they played the Championship game and Won that game 9-2. AWESOME WIN GUYS! I was so proud of them. The other team started out the game with a lot of hits but my team had their defense locked down so no runs were scoring. Then we went up to bat and it was hits after hits and a home-run. I would say that we came to do one thing and I we accomplished it…WIN ha-ha. So my weekend was quite entertaining. I went to the games and of course after the games we went to celebrate at Applebee’s. I love Applebee’s; never met a person who didn’t. I had some awesome ribs and fries…great combo. Then over the weekend I got to watch Drop Dead Diva. I love Drop Dead. I’m not sure if anyone else watches it so I wouldn’t be a spoiler and tell you what happened but let’s just say it has gotten 10000% better ha-ha. I also got to watch a LOVELY episode of Pretty Little Liars which was the Halloween episode, it was awesome. As you can see I have a love for television; especially Lifetime. I just finished midterms, which weren’t too bad. I didn’t have a midterm for every single class but the few I had were a challenge, a challenge that I conquered so no worries….The week is going great and I cannot wait for the weekend. Downtown at the ASU Gammage they have Disney’s the Lion King. I have seen it before on Broadway but it is such a beautiful play that I wouldn’t mind going to see it again. If only I could convince my roommate to join me J. I think she would love it. She love’s Lion King on DVD, she has only watched it about 16 million times so I think she would enjoy the play. This should be a good weekend; looking forward to it. Hope you enjoy your week/weekend guys…another blog another week…bye guys!

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