Adventures in Traffic

Next Semester, Jaylyn and I will be studying abroad at Ecole Supérieure d’Art et de Design d’Orléans in France. On Friday, Jaylyn and I made our way to the French Consulate in Los Angeles to take care of our student visas for our stay in Orléans. You should read Jaylyn’s side of the adventures here.

Although I’ve been really excited about traveling abroad, the student visa process made me nervous. There was a lot of documentation, and we had to make sure that we got everything right.

We had intended to leave at 1:00 am in order to get to my appointment at 8:45am, but we ha severely underestimated LA traffic. We were about 12 miles away from the consulate and the GPS was estimating almost 50 minutes until our arrivial. I was incredibly nervous, but we ended up making it okay.

It took about an hour to finish the appointment, but since Jaylyn and I had driven ~380 miles to get to LA, we wanted to spend some time at the beach before heading home.

We found a parking spot — “30 Minute Parking Maximum” — and decided that was plenty of time to walk down to the beach and back.

The first thing we saw when we walked up towards the beach.

Now although I’m not exactly from the beach, I am very familiar with beaches from living in North Carolina. Going to the beaches in NC is something we do a lot, so I am very used to sand dunes, parking along the shore, and seeing all sorts of seashells.

All of which you can see in this picture from Topsail Beach, NC.

The beach in Santa Monica was such a startling difference for me, because it was a long, flat stretch of beach with only sand.

The water is on the far left middle, barely visible.

Since we both love water, Jaylyn and I decided to walk down to the shoreline. This ended up being an awful decision! The sand was burning hot and it took a lot longer to walk down to the water than we originally expected.

But we did make it!

Business clothes and all!

By this point, we had about twelve minutes left to run back to the car before our parking meter ran out of time. This might sound easy, but running on sand is no joke! Jaylyn and I had been able to make it to the water on sheer determination, but we had a walk back across the long stretch of sand, up stairs, across a steep bridge, up some more stairs, and across the street to the car to look forward to.

On the way down, we had appreciated how cool the stairs looked. On the way pack, we just hated their existence.

Overall, it was a fun little trip. We managed to take care of our student visas, bond over life experiences, and take a trip to the beach. Which means in less than a fortnight, I was able to see the United States from coast to coast.

Topsail Beach, NC on August 26th, 2013

Santa Monica, CA on September 6th, 2013.

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