24 hrs: A Road Trip


My alarm sounds, I almost miss it because it’s the “Still Alive” song from Portal which is pretty quiet compared to the shrill of most alarm clocks.


I’m ready, a little blurry eyed, but awake and ready. I call Molly and she is as well.


On the road, it stretches out before us, but we have snacks and energy drinks to get us through the day or at least that’s how I plan to get through the day.


Hello Los Angeles traffic, we’ve planned for this allowing ourselves an hour and a half before Molly’s appointment we’re only 30 miles away.


We’re crawling, I never thought it would be this bad, who could’ve prepared for this? We need to go 12 miles and the gps is estimating that it will take us 46 mins, we’ll be late.


We arrive and park. There’s a directory that tells us we want suite 115, but it doesn’t tell us where that might be, we take an elevator to floor 1 to search.


There’s no security guard to help us, we roam the empty floor looking for clues as to where suite 115 might be, nothing. We go to floor 4 and find some to tell us that it’s actually outside.


We’re outside and there are some people standing outside of a door that says “NOT VISA SECTION” so we continue to circle the building. We then find a security guard and he directs us to go back there. The people standing outside are also waiting to get visas.


We’re on the inside, patiently waiting.


We’re told we might not get our visas before our flight and then we’ll have to reschedule the flight, but then again we might get them in time.




We found a parking spot by the beach, we’ve put in a half hour worth of coins; a couple quarters, a half a dozen dimes and a few nickels.


We finally made it to the beach, the sand is scalding, but we made it.


I’m dying from all the stairs to get back up to where we parked, it’s too hot, my legs ache and I’m very dehydrated from drinking energy drinks instead of my usual water.


We make it to the car just barely in time, there’s sand everywhere. I don’t care. We’re on the road again.


Exhaustion sets it, I can’t drive any longer, I can barely keep my eyes open. We stop at a Subway and I sleep.


I feel amazing, time to get back on the road only 200-300 more miles to go.


We reach Phoenix, so close to home, yet it feels so far.


I’m home. There have been some flooding issues at my house, my carpet is soaked. I’m surprised to find that the world still revolved while I was away.



I hope that was a riveting story about my 24hr road trip to the French Consulate in LA. If Molly wasn’t there I’m not sure I would’ve made it through and I’m glad to be done with the paperwork, but there’s still so much to do. If all goes well it’s T-minus 10 days till France.

Fingers and toes crossed.

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