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        I want every single one of you to know, that if you were a potato. You’d be a good potato. Not a sweet potato or any of that cheap stuff. Like a baked russet potato smothered in chives and cheese and bacon. SO MUCH BACON… no.. you know what screw it. You’d be mashed potatoes. Like Red Potato mashed potatoes. Because those of freaking delicious. Yeah… potatoes… NARRRRRWWMMM *airplane noise* back to reality. I am Andrew the Fantastic Student Ambassador (AFSAM *how is no one catching on that their isn’t suppose to be an M in there yet?*) and welcome to my blog! I hope all of you are doing well and all your dreams come true. I guess I should talk about what is going on in Tempe then shouldn’t I? Well I’m gonna talk about an event that StuGov actually held! *Yup mixing paragraphs* So we recently held Gnomes Around Town for people on campus! What it was is that we had six gnomes for six different teams, each gnome was printed in our 3D printer, and each group had to take their gnome to eight locations in Tempe and take a picture with their gnome! We had three prizes for three separate categories. Best looking gnome, because people had to decorate their gnome to make it look fabuloustastic. First to reach all locations and get back, because we should do something for that ,I guess. Lastly, the best picture! Meaning a smexy looking gnome with all of the smexy looking players there too! Sounds super fun doesn’t it? Be Jealous.

        Game Watch! So, if you ever want to play a game with everyone at the school (and I mean just about everyone) League of Legends is going to be it. A majority of the campus plays and meet every night and all weekend to play together in groups and to just have a good time. The game is similar to DoTA and has a little bit larger of a following. It’s pretty easy to pick up and you don’t have to spend any money on it. In addition to that, upon reaching level 30 and playing ranked games, you have the possibility of winning items that would regularly cost you me-mons (money for the simpletons.) For example you can get a character skin, a ward skin, a unique border and some other cool stuff. So if you’re looking for a game to play, why not give it a try?

        And of course- Student Government. We just hosted our semesterly blood drive! We love to get people to signup to feed the vampires that live a few blocks away… but seriously we love having the blood bus come and taking some blood to help save lives. Every single donation can save three lives. There’s a lot of power running through those veins and you shouldn’t be afraid to share it. So if you have the chance, and haven’t or have donated, donate blood. It is better to save lives then to sit on your bum playing video games (and technically speaking- you lose weight! Plus side to everything.)


That’s all folks!


Lame Joke of the Day:

Taco: “Why don’t you wanna Taco’bout it?”

Nacho Chip: “ ‘Cause I’m Nacho friend anymore!”

Food For Thought!



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