Another Week…

Hey guys…a new week but no adventures. This week was actually a good week. We didn’t have class on Monday so we missed a day of class, who wouldn’t be excited for that haha. I think every week I would have an interesting topic from my History of Movies class. This week we had to do a paper which we all hate to write but it was actually an interesting topic. We had to do a paper on the history of cinema and sounds and I learned a lot. About two weeks ago we had to watch Singin’ in the Rain the musical. After watching that movie we learned a lot about sounds and what the producers had to go through to perfect sound. This week we had to do a paper and then talk about the sound and ambience in the movie Apocalypse Now. Though I really didn’t care too much for the movie, the sound effects in that movie were awesome for a 1970s film. It wasn’t to dramatic, the sound effects were great, the music that went allow with the different attacks were perfect and though there was music blasting in the background you still could hear the screams of people running to save their lives. You were able to listen to the firing of Army weapons and the rattling of the helicopters they flew in. It was a good movie based on the topic we were discussing in class. I was excited to watch it because for last couple of weeks we did silent films and I was getting bored haha. My week was a good week; I cannot wait to see what next week brings. I was actually excited about this week because this week and next week the Virgin Islands has to baseball team in Arizona playing in a tournament and I really love baseball so I get to go see family and friends while they play. Last night, I went to two of their games and they won both games. The first game they won 11-3 and the second game they won 3-1. They came to win and played great. It’s always good to see family and friends when you have been away for so long. Well I’m going back to my delicious Cinnabon that I got….I think I’m addicted now. They’re soooo bad for you but soooo good haha. Another adventure next week guys….

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