Why UAT?

Hear directly from the students themselves as to why they chose to attend UAT.

Edward Cieslak

Whats up all my dudes and dudettes! Lol I really am at a lost for what I’m gonna blog about today to be honest. I missed it last week since been swamped with finals and I was sick for a couple days. I guess I could talk about how the semesters been and what I plan on doing this next semester 🙂


Well to start off this semester has been pretty chill. I’m passing all of my classes ( except math lol) and I actually feel like I’m learning a lot from the classes I’m taking. I’m really digging  one of the new teachers I have for programming since it actually seems like he cares about the students and wants to see us succeed. Hopefully they keep him around for my future classes.

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I have a pretty big semester coming up this summer since I ‘m taking a fair amount of courses that will be preparing me for my higher level courses in the future. I’m also looking to start my other major in Business Tech this summer and want to finish that around the same time as my ACS major. Pretty exciting! Well that is all I’m gonna write about, so peace!!

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I knew UAT was for me because of its creative and open environment. I saw that here students don’t just learn in class but in the individual out-of-class projects that they are part of.


UAT seem to have a better organization of their programs in the fields that I wanted to go into


I choose to go to UAT because I heard about the small community and I loved the idea of it. I also think that the Lifelong Learning is a huge plus to the school!


I chose UAT because they provide exclusive learning opportunities in a geek-focused environment. Life Long Learning gives me the opportunity to continue utilizing those exclusive learning opportunities even after I’ve graduated.