Snow News is….Wait, Snow in Tempe?

By: | Sep 16, 2011

Snow at UAT! Who says we don’t get snow in the desert? As part of the Summer Cool-Off this Friday, two tons of snow was brought to the campus (Okay, so that’s slightly cheating, but hey!). There were snow cones, a water slide, balloon fights, and all sorts of water-based chaos in the courtyard! This… Read more »

With New People Comes New Adventures

By: | Sep 9, 2011

I was back from California in time for move-ins and orientation. This batch of incoming students has been really interesting to get to know. They seem so excited and enthusiastic to be at UAT, and I can’t wait to see what they do while they’re here. Orientation was a blast with these guys. I introduced… Read more »


By: | Sep 9, 2011

WOOOOO! Finals are over! I am done with everything! In celebration of finals being over with, a few friends and I finally sat down again and played games, relaxed, made some food. And I just got news from my mom that I’ll be headed to California to visit family. How could this week get any… Read more »

Aaaaahhhh Zombies!

By: | Sep 9, 2011

This was a pretty good week. Early in the week, we introduced a few of the new students to a board game called Zombies!!! (and yes, the name of the game really includes three exclamation marks). It’s a pretty fun game. You build the board game as you play, and zombies spawn each time a… Read more »

Snail Mail

By: | Sep 9, 2011

This week, I decided to switch back to snail mail and send a friend of mine a letter. He recently graduated from UAT, and is currently back home. We both figured that since we love getting letters from friends in the mail, maybe the other would also appreciate getting something that wasn’t a bill. As… Read more »