Enter the Dinh

By: | Oct 25, 2012

Hello everyone, my name is Alex Dinh I am a dual major in Game Design and Digital Video. I am originally born and raised in Paris, France.  Quirky things if you must know is that I learn most of the English language from SpongeBob, when then resulted in me saying the word “The” and saying… Read more »

Moving off campus and mom’s b-day

By: | Oct 22, 2012

This past week has been an interesting one. After last semester I moved off campus with my roommates Molly and Amanda and everything was going well until last week when it seemed that everything decided to break at once. Our air conditioning stops working all the time, the ceiling fan is no longer functioning, and… Read more »

Smash Bros Fundraiser Tournament!

By: | Oct 20, 2012

This week Unity club, which I’m president of, hosted a Smash Bros Brawl Tournament to raise money for our AIDS walk team. Our AIDs walk team was named ERMAHGERD ERDS WERLK, from the meme ERMAHGERD BERKS. We ended up raising 60 dollars for charity, 1st place got 30 dollars, and 2nd place got 10. I did… Read more »

Blood, personality and tea!

By: | Oct 19, 2012

This last week was crazy busy for me, especially because I’ve been fighting being sick during most of it. Monday we had class like usual, then there was a blood drive so I tried to give blood, but couldn’t because of low iron and what’s funny is that none of my roommates were able to… Read more »


By: | Oct 19, 2012

For this week’s journal, I’d like to share a game I play with my friends called Eat Poop You Cat or EPYC. I know the name is a little weird, but it makes sense once you hear the game. It’s a game of telephone with pictures involved. On a piece of paper, you write a… Read more »