Phone Bloks and Modular Electronics

This week I was reminded of a “Thunderclap” campaign for Phone Bloks, a new cellular phone idea conceived by Dave Hakkens. (Thunderclap is basically a “Kickstarter” for social media.) The phone is designed to be modular (much like tower PC’s already are) where the user can buy different sized memory, batteries, cameras, speakers, and other accessories based on their needs.

Phone Bloks are a great innovation not only for the cell phone industry, but for many electronics. Planned obsolescence aside, technological waste has been devastating many areas of the globe. Many simply toss their old cell phones (with perfectly working parts still inside) into landfills instead of recycling the devices. With Phone Blocks, rather than get an entirely new phone, a user can replace their broken screen, upgrade to a faster cpu, or switch out unused parts for a bigger battery.

Currently, Phone Bloks are partnered with Motorola and Google, but the creator is hoping to reel in more retail support and keep Phone Bloks an independent organization. I highly recommend checking it out and sharing/supporting the project.

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