Foods and Dragons

I realized that I have made a couple of dishes this past month, and I didn’t share them. I feel bad. Like really bad. Like I have lied to you this whole time. It’s like I’m a bad person. But I guess that’s nothing new. Anyways, I am super excited over our last Dungeons and Dragons meeting. Yes, I play D&D, and yes, I am a cleric decked out in sexy leather armor. The chain mail bikini is too main stream for me. The reason I’m excited is because I was actually getting good roles, except for my save for ongoing damage. But I survived the first assault on the orc fortress with 3 health. Then I used my healing word and rolled an extra 6 health for my healing surge. I also healed our assassin for 17 health as well. You have to understand that this is like the best I’ve done. Except the one critical I rolled and did 18 damage. Yeah, that’s right. 18 Damage with Healing Strike.
But this brings me to this awesome dice site: They are kind of pricey, but their dice are beautiful. I got a random D20 from them, so I have no idea what kind of wood it is, but it’s sexy. Here’s a picture:


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