Topic: Student Life

Cartoon Crazy Pt. 1 – Steven Universe

By: | Apr 2, 2015

Alright scrubs, I’m here to talk to you about cartoons. “Cartoon Crazy” is gonna be a series dedicated to recommending some great cartoons for all ages (adults included), so strap up and get ready for an adventure in 2D animation! Today we’ll be starting off with what is probably my favorite ongoing series so far…. Read more »

Rare Women in Rare Fields

By: | Apr 2, 2015

Hey All! I think we have reached an end to the world of digital Painting Programs series! If you have any suggestions on a program I should try or a review you’d like to see just comment below on it!   Today I’ll be talking about the need for encouraging women into STEM roles and… Read more »

How to Survive College – Part Five

By: | Apr 1, 2015

Greetings and salutations everyone! Today’s lesson is a continuation off of yesterday’s in regards to finding your passion in what you do. In an effort to better explain, I’ve undergone this myself, and will try and elaborate to the best of my ability. So coming here to the University, I was not entirely sure what… Read more »

How to Survive College – Part Four

By: | Mar 31, 2015

Greetings and salutations everyone! I have returned from my out of state traveling endeavor, and as such I am here to deliver part three in how to survive college! Today’s lesson in particular is: Finding your passion and flourish. After numerous discussions with potential and future start students, or those that are also with us… Read more »