Topic: Student Life

I bought a new laptop

By: | Sep 13, 2013

So with all inevitability I was forced to buy a new laptop, luckily I had the money for it. I ended up buying a Lenovo because it was recommended by a lot of my friends and/or they already own Lenovos. I went to the Fry’s Electronics across the street and what’s great is the next… Read more »

Adventures in Traffic

By: | Sep 8, 2013

Next Semester, Jaylyn and I will be studying abroad at Ecole Supérieure d’Art et de Design d’Orléans in France. On Friday, Jaylyn and I made our way to the French Consulate in Los Angeles to take care of our student visas for our stay in Orléans. You should read Jaylyn’s side of the adventures here…. Read more »

24 hrs: A Road Trip

By: | Sep 7, 2013

12:01am My alarm sounds, I almost miss it because it’s the “Still Alive” song from Portal which is pretty quiet compared to the shrill of most alarm clocks.  12:30am I’m ready, a little blurry eyed, but awake and ready. I call Molly and she is as well. 01:07am On the road, it stretches out before… Read more »

How to Beat Homesickness

By: | Sep 3, 2013

It was about three years ago that I left my home state of North Carolina to fly to UAT. It was a little scary, because I knew absolutely nobody in Arizona, and the first few weeks were a little rough. Since we’re getting close to a new semester, I figured I would give some advice… Read more »

Another semester over!

By: | Aug 28, 2013

This was by far my toughest semester, there were so many things happening a lot of them really positive. Just in the last few weeks this is what I’ve been up to: Ice skating with friends I used an Amazon Local Deal and for all 3 of us the total cost was only $10. I… Read more »