Topic: Student Life

Living in the Area

By: | Sep 26, 2013

Living around Phoenix is pretty nifty. Since it’s such a large city, there are so many things that go on around here. As much as I don’t care for being in a city (I much prefer the quiet), I am really glad that I am here. My main excitement is over all the concerts that… Read more »

SA Week1

By: | Sep 26, 2013

Hey Guys, my name is Shenique Samuel and I’m a new Student Ambassador. First time posting so I wouldn’t make it too drawn out haha. I’m a Technology Forensic Student here at the University and I love my major.Still training but the other SAs are helping me along just fine. This week has been a good… Read more »

I’m here!

By: | Sep 20, 2013

After a crazy…um 4 days-ish (this time change has got my head in a twist) I’m in my dorm in Orléans. The travel here went from manageable to difficult and it’s really my own fault for a couple of reasons. One, I packed too much, eh what can I say I wanted a variety of clothes… Read more »


By: | Sep 17, 2013

So right before the break between summer and fall semester, I moved into my new apartment. I am rooming with a friend of mine and we got a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom, 941 square foot apartment. It’s pretty nice and only a 40 minute walk to UAT. I know, I know, you guys probably think… Read more »