Topic: Student Life

Gotta Love Comedies !

By: | Oct 2, 2013

Hey Guys I am back. So last week I watched We are the Millers and laughed the whole time. This time my roommate and I decided to do another comedy, which was just as funny. Monday we watched Baggage Claim. A film about a young lady who believed in love and marriage and all that… Read more »

Making friends!

By: | Sep 29, 2013

So it’s been another week and I’ve been to orientation and a couple of classes where I’ve started making some friends. We’ve met our French buddies (basically French students that help us figure stuff out) and the other international students who are actually ERASMUS students. There are 4 people from Spain, 3 from the Czech… Read more »

Living in the Area

By: | Sep 26, 2013

Living around Phoenix is pretty nifty. Since it’s such a large city, there are so many things that go on around here. As much as I don’t care for being in a city (I much prefer the quiet), I am really glad that I am here. My main excitement is over all the concerts that… Read more »