Topic: Student Life

Working Hard for Halloween

By: | Oct 21, 2013

I have been working on a Deadpool belt buckle for my Halloween costume. I am using 3DS Max to model it and then using the schools 3D printer to have it crafted. I am super excited to get this done 🙂


By: | Oct 20, 2013

So about 2 weeks before coming to France I talked to my doctor about my suspicions of being lactose intolerant. He agreed and told me to try staying away from all the wonderful things in life, to see if I started feeling better, amazingly I did, though I crave chocolate always. So, my experience is… Read more »

Another Week…

By: | Oct 18, 2013

Hey guys…a new week but no adventures. This week was actually a good week. We didn’t have class on Monday so we missed a day of class, who wouldn’t be excited for that haha. I think every week I would have an interesting topic from my History of Movies class. This week we had to… Read more »

Being sick away from home

By: | Oct 13, 2013

I don’t have any new photo’s this week, it’s been a crazy week. Basically back to back classes for the first part of the week then sick the second part. Being sick isn’t ever fun, but add that you don’t have your support structure because you’re away from home it’s whole different kind of un-fun… Read more »