Topic: Student Life

Great Weekend….

By: | Oct 30, 2013

Hey guys. So if my post tittle did not clue you in already then you should know that my weekend was AWESOME ha-ha! This weekend was my roommates 21st birthday so we had as much fun as possible. After the long week we had last week in school, I would say that the weekend was… Read more »

Toxic Time is Up

By: | Oct 30, 2013

Saturday, October 26th I went with Yvonne, who is the faculty manager here at UAT, to the American Cancer Society Breast Cancer Walk here in Tempe. We had petitions for the Toxic Time is Up campaign. You can found out more information about that here: Basically the petition is to update the Toxic Substance… Read more »

Inservice Insight

By: | Oct 24, 2013

This week at UAT I participated in my first In-service day. If you’re like me chances are you have associated In-service days with days like Thanksgiving, Memorial Day, Columbus Day, and other days where students generally don’t have school. Well what a shock it was for me to find out I had to come in… Read more »

And The VI Wins the Championship!!

By: | Oct 23, 2013

Hey guys…So last week I touched a little on the team from the Virgin Islands that came to Tempe to play baseball. Well this weekend they had more games and won them all. On Sunday they played the Championship game and Won that game 9-2. AWESOME WIN GUYS! I was so proud of them. The… Read more »